Never Die Again

by Escape Artists

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Escape Artists “Never Die Again” is a journey about the rise
after a fall (1. Never Die Again). Getting to the point where you
want to change something starts with reflecting the past.
Remembering what went wrong is sometimes hard but facing
the problems and emotions that brought you to that point is
the first step of recovery (2. Addiction Turns To Fiction). On the
way of getting back to strength it is essential to deal with problems
that are definitely going to come. There is no need to give
up. Step by step. Sometimes it takes more time, sometimes less
(3. Even Angels Need To Learn How To Fly) and the day will come
when you wake up and everything seems to be a bit easier.
Developing a feeling of what is important for you and figuring
out priorities is the next step to independence (4. Wake up).
This seems to be a part of becoming an adult and it is. Personality
is a process involving all kind of experiences (5. Made It).
This awareness of yourself makes you aware of problems in
the world. A stable character is the precondition to fight for
what is important for you. Strength brought you to this point
of being able to go down the streets demonstrating for what
you stand for (6. Hey You). Reaching a point of being the purest
version of yourself changes your life. It is okay to try something
– do something else – pushing yourself to steps you are
afraid of. But never forget what happened and never forget
that there is somebody who is here for you (7. Me And Rational
Intentions About). You are ready for the next experience. You
are stronger now (8. Goodbye).


released August 15, 2019

Produced by Jan Lesjak and Georg Glasl
Recorded and mixed by Jan Lesjak (Viennatmosphere)
Mastered by Nik Paumgarten
Design produced by Sarag D'Agostino (SD - Art & Design)


all rights reserved



Escape Artists Vienna, Austria

OUR STORY... ending in 2019 after 11 years of beautiful experiences. On the 30th of August 2019 will be released our new and last Album “Never Die Again”. Whatever may be... working out our memories and intension in eight last songs was importat for us! ... more

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Track Name: Never Die Again
Like a phoenix
We will rise and
Never die again
Like a phoenix
From the ashes
We will rise and
Never die again
(let’s go)
Like a phoenix
We will rise and
Never die again
(never die, never die again)
Like a phoenix
From the ashes
We will rise and
Never die again
(never die, never die)
never again
(never die never die)
never again
Track Name: When Addiction Turns To Fiction
Use it or loose it as they say
We won’t be the same tomorrow
as we’re today
We’ve had our time and I can tell
we haven’t been aware
of what we had back then
And is it possible
that you love somebody too much
And is it against your will
that you cannot trust in yourself.
The feelings. That it could be true.
And is it possible
that I’m addicted to you
It’s not my intention to hurt you
Writing down the lines on paper:
is what I want
You don’t seem to see it like me
but I am not like you,
I just can’t fake a smile
Whyyyyyy do we push away
everything we love
Whyyyyyyy do we let go
on everything we trust
And when the addiction
turnst o fiction
Is when the rain turns to dust
And when the adiction
Track Name: Even Angels Need To Learn How To Fly
It was the first time
that I did something right
I tried to be sophisticated
To create something new
With all of my force
I set something on fire
And let it burn
The point of no return
From my first to my last try
even angels, angels
need to learn, learn how to fly
It’s not the last time
I have to go and fight
With bruises all over
I can still smile so bright
With all of my force
I set something on fire
And let it burn
The point of no return
It takes time until you reach the sky
and for sure they will try to deny
for some people this might be a lie
but even angels
need to learn how to fly
Track Name: Wake Up
If you ever leave
Take your memories with you
Going with good grace
Willing to make dreams come true
Sometimes I know it is hard
To be who you truly are
With you there will be a guard
Watching at night from afar
(Wake up) go wake up
Life’s too short
to sleep away the days
(Wake up) go wake up
Life’s too short
to be trapped in a maze
Maybe you will see
What it means to live life free
Going through the day
Knowing that you’re not alone
Sometimes I know it is hard
To be who you truly are
there will be a guard with you
Watching at night from afar
Track Name: Made It
Did not see you for a while.
Seven years, I guess
Where did you go?
Haven’t heard you for a while,
oh please tell me what you’ve been
through. I wanna know!
There were days
you thought you made it.
At some point it’s complicated.
Now we’re standing here alone.
Watching lives go by.
Is it too late?
Could you realise your dreams?
Are you where you wanted to be?
You set your goals?
Changing course! Reach out for
something new. Never mind
what society tells you.
Track Name: Hey You
Hold me tight deep in your arms
let me feel that you are here
Let me feel that we don‘t have to live
in fear
people on our side
Let them see that we are here
Let them see that we don‘t want to
live in fear
Hey you won‘t bring us down alive
we can make a change right now
and if you bring us to our knees
we will get back on our feet
The mass is moving forward
now it‘s time that we walk on
Now it‘s time for our march to let
them know
The condition is not human
The condition is not fair
If you await a riot :
come get your revolution!
We’re here, we stay
you are the reason
you are the reason
(we step up to the plate)
Track Name: Goodbye
It just feels so wrong
you don’t know where to belong now
You just wanted to leave
you don’t how to believe in
Yourself to be strong
it just feels wrong
Never felt this way before
Feels like a mess until it’s done
whatever you receive
when you leave
Everything has begun
with this feeling, I can’t remember
my first step, the dress just to confess
my body’s telling you
what I want. what I will be
this is my destiny
My way and my destination
Whatever I achieve when I (will)
Leave it all behind
To see things clear defined
Home is where your heart is, heart is
Home is where you are missed
Home is where your heart is, heart is
As long as you
will remember where you are loved
I set my goals it is time for
time for something new
It’s not the end I want to build
up, bring up something true
And it got a part of me
this is my destiny
I won’t go down I will rise up
whatever I achive when I
Leave it all behind
To see things clear defined
And when you come home
whereever you come from
We spread our arms and make
you seeeeeee

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